TOKYO COMPLEX –代官山- 平野千明


本作品は切り口の異なる白と黒の紙の重なりで構成されています。人は動物の中で唯一自然を破壊することで新しい価値を創造しました。昆虫は1億年の年月をかけて自己の体に羽を手にいれましたが人間は破壊と創造を繰り返すことで外部に新たな価値を求めました。創りあげた価値は壊され、すぐに新しい価値への転換がはじまります。これが人間の選んだ新たな進化の形です。2019年、東京の街を見上げると機械文明が生んだ建造物が乱立しています。まるで街自体が意志をもったひとつの生命として荒々しく息をしているように映ります。限られた区画の中で膨張し存在意義を変革し続ける生物。ダーウィンの言葉を借りるのであれば一度、変異を生じ始めた生物は留まることなく変異を繰り返すのです。完成することのないその姿にはたしかな美しさが内包されています。無機物の集合体でありながら漲るエネルギーの放出。東京は人間が起こした進化の姿そのものです。This work consists of a stack of white and black paper with the different cut ends. Humans have created new value by destroying nature only among animals. Insects gained wings in their bodies over 100 million years, but humans demanded new value from the outside by repeating destruction and creation. The value created will be destroyed, and the conversion to new value will begin immediately. This is the new form of evolution chosen by humans. In 2019, looking up at the city of Tokyo, the buildings that were created by the mechanical civilization are raging. It looks as if the city itself is breathing wildly as a life with a will. A creature that expands in a limited space and continues to change its meaning. As Darwin says, organisms that have begun to mutate will mutate without stopping. There is a certain beauty that is never completed. Dissipating energy while being an aggregate of inorganic substances. Tokyo is the evolution of humans.

1090mm × 25mm × 690mm
¥ 110,000 円(税込)
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2012年、NewYorkに移住しアート活動を展開。同年、由緒あるJadite galleryにて単独個展を開催。ニューヨークタイムズから取材を受けるなど高い評価を受ける。
近年、日仏現代美術世界展(国立新美術館)での入賞をはじめ、エコールドパリ展(フランスヴォージュ広場)入選・ ポルトガルセトゥーバル博物館特別推薦展示と活動の幅を世界へと拡げている。

Hirano Chiaki creates various artworks with paper and a craft knife. He developed a unique way to layer sheets of white and black, creating a new technique of Kirie art.
He moved to New York in 2012 and began his artistic practice. His first solo exhibition, “Climbing Boots” (Jadite Galleries, 2012) was critically-acclaimed and covered by several press outlets, including The New York Times. He continued to showcase his work throughout the world, receiving a prize at the “Exposition l’Aart Actuel France-Japon” (The National Art Center, Japan), an acceptance at “École de Paris” (Place des Vosges, France) and a special exhibition at the Setubal Museum of Portugal.
He went on a brief hiatus in 2015, to explore alternatives to realism and develop a new style. He has since resumed his practice, with a show inspired by the concept of “contemporary evolution theory”.
Announced a collaboration with Theseus Chan in Singapore at Comme des Garçons DM.