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“The Human Universe in Neo Classic”私たちをとりまくこの混沌とした果てしない宇宙は、私たちの中にもあって、もしくは私たちそのものかもしれないというドラマと、今という時代を感じながら、クラシックな画風をブラッシュアップしたいという思いを差しています。



“The Human Universe in Neo Classic”
There is a drama that the chaotic and endless universe that surrounds us is in us or might be ourselves. AICON seek to brush up classical style while feeling the current era.
The style of this stripe is inspired by classic drawing techniques that are originally used for bills. Closing up “Mixing up dimensions” which are one-dimensional, two-dimensional and three-dimensional.
If you see it closer, you won't see it; however, it will appear when you see from a distance. Even though there are many gaps actually, you won't feel them at the moment. This experience is like the feeling of getting lost as you stare. In fact, the human body has a lot of gaps when viewed in microscopic substance units.

970mm × 35mm × 1305mm
¥ 110,000 円(税込)
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2008年 京都精華大学洋画学部卒業。
『THE HUMAN UNIVERSE IN NEO CLASSIC』をテーマに、クラシカルかつ新たな切り口から描かれる作品は、その独自の世界観が注目を得て、国内外での個展を行う。

公式サイト http://aiconworks.com/
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/aiconworks/

Born in Kobe and lives in Tokyo. Graduated from Kyoto Seika University, Oil Painting major. She started producing here artwork in 2014 after working as a designer at a general goods manufacturer and a web designer. The artworks drawn from classical and new perspectives themed ""THE HUMAN UNIVERSE IN NEO CLASSIC"" and her unique view of the world are attracted attention. Her solo exhibitions have been held in both at home and abroad.

Official Website http://aiconworks.com/
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/aiconworks/