write/remove 15 新村葉月

  • write/remove 15


Material: Iron plate, paint, lacquer spray, adhesive tape / Production year: 2019
The motif is the unconscious rhythm, composition, and color created by the natural environment and people's actions, which are developed on the surface of the city walls.
By using a rusted iron plate as support and exposing it to sunlight and rain and wind during the production process, it has intentionally incorporated aging and randomness.
In the “write / remove” series, I was conscious of the rhythms of colors and forms created between writing and erasing.
* Due to the nature of the work, the erosion of iron rust progresses over time, which may cause discoloration and alteration. I ask for the purchase of those who understand that point and can enjoy the aging of the work.

530mm × 27mm × 650mm
¥ 110,000 円(税込)
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In a city where various events change rapidly, even the individual lifestyle and emotions change unavoidably.
Even under such circumstances, it is necessary to recognize changes by looking directly at what is happening “here and now”, your own emotions, and various other events. I think there is a new point of view from that. I wants to develop his expression by using the city as a place of activity, picking up the changing scenery and staring straight ahead.
Artist activity started in 2013. Based in Osaka, I have participated in many solo and group exhibitions and art events.
At the Independent Exhibition held this year, I would like to expand my range of activities without being bound by the shape of the work, such as walking around the streets of Osaka with iron plates and displaying performance works that show the traces.