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I am working on the theme of the ambiguity of the existence of symbols on the plane such as animated characters. It is a work that has been drawn by cutting wood.

I used to create a drawing that was drawn on a PC with a uniform line width from before, but when I stayed in the countryside for a long time, I found a trace of a worm-eaten that looks similar lines with my drawings. I felt it was interesting that the natural lines, which is the opposite of the digital element, were very similar to my own lines. I was influenced by that experience and started to cut and draw trees.

The cutting sheet affixed to the surface is selected based on the images of outdoor wallpaper and floors, and outdoor advertising.

The plate and walls behind the seat are hidden and kept looking beautiful, but the expression of wood is exposed by shaving it and drawing a drawing. It is also like a stone plate excavated in modern times.

600mm × 50mm × 600mm
¥ 110,000 円(税込)
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Born in Tokyo in 1993, drawing artist.
Inspired by street culture, animation, and figures, he develops abstract paintings and installations that inherit the various expression styles of these cultures.
BIEN's irregular lines are drawn by tracing some form.
It begins with letters and symbols and is a variety of ""shapes"" born from human imagination, such as comics, and anime characters.
By redrawing such a ""shape"" with a distinctive touch, the ""shape"" becomes ambiguous and becomes a collection of mysterious lines.
The resulting drawing seems to cut out the moment when a new “shapes” are born on the paper where the brush is casually run or also seems to depict only the premonition and sign that something is in the picture.