Glitch Embroidery (Facebook, Google, PayPal) Nukeme

  • Glitch Embroidery (Facebook, Google, PayPal)

現代をとりまく社会状況の中で、とりわけ僕がモチーフとして用いるのは、インターネット関連企業のロゴです。 中でもアメリカを代表する企業/サービスは、経済的利便性とプライバシーの対立という最大のパラドックスに始まり、フィルターバブルによる排他的感情の助長、莫大な富を得た創業者の政治的影響力、依存によるメンタルヘルスへの悪影響など、現代のインターネットをとりまく様々なイシューを含んでいます。


What I use as a motif is a logo for an internet company.
Among them, the leading companies in the US have various issues such as the biggest paradox of economic convenience and privacy, the promotion of exclusive emotions through filter bubbles, the political influence of founders who have gained enormous wealth, and the negative impact on mental health due to dependence.
Glitch embroidery is a work that hacks a computer embroidery sewing machine and generates a glitch directly in the needle operation data.
It gives a touch in the form of embroidery to a logo that does not exist physically and to the “broken” sewing machine data that has been treated as a simple error.
The nature of glitches, such as intervening in a system that mentions about vulnerabilities, reminds us visually what the system is originally supported by.

300mm × 100mm × 280mm
¥ 110,000 円(税込)
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高校卒業後に大阪のエスモードジャポン大阪校に進学。2008年、詩人・辺口芳典と初コラボを行った卒業制作をきっかけにブランド・Nukemeをスタート。代表作に、辺口芳典による散文が大きく刺繍された「ヌケメ帽」や、文化庁メディア芸術祭で審査委員会推薦作品に選出された「グリッチ刺繍」シリーズなど。2018年には、写真家・HIROMIXとの合同展 「KAWAII未来」を高円寺で開催し、銀鏡彫刻のアート作品「Awful Images」を発表した。

After graduating from high school, he entered Esmode Japon Osaka School in Osaka.
In 2008, he started the brand Nukeme after graduation work, which was the first collaboration with the poet Yoshinori Henguchi.
Representative works include “Nukeme Caps” in which prose by Yoshinori Henguchi was greatly embroidered, and “Glitch Embroidery” series that was selected as a work recommended by the Jury at the Japan Media Arts Festival.
In 2018, the joint exhibition “KAWAII Mirai” with photographer HIROMIX was held at Koenji, and the artwork of silver mirror sculpture “Awful Images” was presented.