WALL (camouflage) 横山隆平

  • WALL (camouflage)

This work dismantles the existence of street graffiti on the wall of the block and reconstructs it while changing the printing method and paper each time, in order to mix its various situations, environments, and media. It is a work made them into a photograph.

Although it was the first production using a digital camera that I have kept away from, the process of disassembling and restructuring worked as a bridge. Including the substantive work for the uncertain existence of digital, it became more analog than film.

The camouflage derived from the photo work WALL was printed directly on the aluminum plate using a special printer that can finally express the unevenness of the ink. The camouflage pattern is raised depending on the viewing angle.

864mm × 30mm × 1210mm
¥ 110,000 円(税込)
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写真家。“都市とは何か”をテーマとし、モノクロフィルムによるストリートスナップを中心に作品を展開。流動する都市の姿を、視点やアプローチを変えながら制作を行う。主な作品集に「酔っぱらったピアノ弾きのようなやりかたでシャッターを押せ」、「風に転がる紙屑に書かれたような美しい、光と踊るネズミのグラフィティ史」等がある。2016年写真家・内倉真一郎と共にゲリラ展示プロジェクトPIS/ピス(Photograph in the street)をスタート。近年の展示にグラフィティをテーマとした「WALL」(京都 元・淳風小学校 KYOTOGRAPHIE サテライトイベントKG+ 2019)がある。国内外で作品を発表、2019年にはパリでの初展示も行われた。

Photographer. With a theme of "what is a city," he develops his works focusing on street snaps using monochrome film. Produce photographs of a flowing city, changing viewpoints and approaches. Major works include "Press the shutter like a drunk piano player" and "Beautiful history of rat graffiti dancing with light as written on paper scraps rolling in the wind." In 2016, he started the guerrilla exhibition project PIS / Photograph in the street with photographer Shinichiro Uchikura. One of the recent exhibition is "WALL" with the theme of graffiti (Kyoto Graphie Satellite Event KG + 2019). His work has been presented both in Japan and abroad, and in 2019 his first exhibition was held in Paris.